Thursday, 24 November 2016

Wooden Gift Parcel Tags.

I found these wooden parcel tags in Poundland in Wolverhampton (sadly, Evesham does not have a Poundshop of any description, so I have to get my fix as and when I can!)IMG_8983There are six tags in a pack, in two designs, three of each. They are of a really good, substantial quality and I would have been happy to pay double, if not more for them.  They are perfectly fine to use as they are, but you know me, if there is an opportunity to add a little extra fiddle fart I will.
Wooden Wrapped By Elves Tag with Jingle BellsThe tags measure approximately 3.5 ins x 2ins
wooden merry christmas tag I removed the original string from each tag and replaced it with a longer length of red and white bakers twine, to which I then added three jingle bells (The Works - £1 per pack).  On some I added small silver bells and on others a mix of larger red, gold and green.  Threading bakers twine is a bit fiddly as the colours sometimes untwine, but it’s worth it in the end. 
Top Tip - I used a darning needle to push the twine through the metal loop on the bell, trying to thread it through on it’s own was a nightmare!!!Crafts wooden Merry Christmas Tag with Jingle BellsTo add even more bling I glued a liberal smattering of gold coloured flat backed gems in between and around the stars already printed on the tags.  Just a couple of simple things that turned a plain and simple tag into something a little more special.