Thursday, 26 May 2011

Kaffe Fassett - A Little Bit of Knitting

Today I thought I would show you that,  I can, when in the mood, knit something a bit more complicated than just    mug hugs and dishcloths!
Picture 008
I adore Kaffe Fassett and two of these three cardigans are based on one of his patterns.
I just want to stroke the pages of his books, I love the colours, the patterns and the textures of his designs.  I know I should knit more stuff like this, (though at the moment I am averaging one dishcloth a night)  but something like the cardi above takes an awful lot of concentration and counting, something that’s not very easy when I am watching The Apprentice.  There was a time before I started card making when I used to read knitting patterns books for bedtime reading!  This first cardi is following Kaffe’s pattern to the letter, but with my choice of colours..
Picture 007
When my children were small I used to knit them vintage patterns from the 40’s and 50’s, so they were always a bit different and recently I have been looking on e-bay for old patterns and have been thrilled with the ones I have bought.
Picture 012
Goodness only knows what I was on when I knit the second cardi (above). It’s using the basic Kaffe pattern but then I’ve gone my own sweet way.  There is no way any child would get lost wearing this little number!
Picture 009
This last cardi isn’t a Kaffe, but a basic pattern that I put my own stamp on re: the design. The bit I HATE most ….. sewing every single thread in…… aggghhhhh!
Picture 010
This is Kaffe’s Dining Room below , oh my life, I just want to touch everything.  I belong in a room like this!
..  And when I eventually give up blogging and crafting and have a bit more time, this is going to be my first project …..

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda!

A couple of weeks ago there were dandelion clocks everywhere and now I am full of regret, because, one I was too bone idle to go out and take any photos of them  and two, now that I am into making bottle charms I wish I had carefully collected a few heads to put a few of them…. oh well, next year!