Saturday, 12 October 2013

Jacob’s Advent House – Part 2

Progress with Jacob’s Advent House has been much faster than I first thought it would be, mostly due to my being able to refer to past blog posts of the original house on my computer screen as I worked.
Advent House 9I had a bit of a disaster with the red spotted paper I originally put on the sides of the house which wasn’t strong enough to stand several coats of varnish, so I replaced it with a much thicker green paper, which I now much prefer.
Advent House 10I covered the roof with a red corrugated card which had a metallic sheen to it.  Working round the bottom of the chimney was a bit fiddly, but I got there ….
advent house 11…… and then added ric rac brad at intervals down the roof ….I will also add clear flat back gems at a later stage.
Advent House 12The eaves are almost finished too … they just need a snowman either side of the star drawer …… some red or green lace around the edges and bottom plus a few more clear flat backed gems for a little extra, over the top, Christmas bling.
advent house 13…… but it all needed to be left to dry properly and to settle a bit before all the final fiddle fart touches could be added.
Advent House 14While that was happening I could get on with the drawers, which had now been coated with several coats of clear, satin varnish with a little extra fine translucent glitter added to it.  I made the drawer knobs by sticking a square flat backed gem onto a wooden bead, this was quite fiddly so I temporarily stuck the beads onto double sided tape to stop them moving around while I was working on them. They were then each stuck on a drawer with superglue to make absolutely sure that they don’t come off.
Advent House 15You wouldn’t believe just how long it took me to sort out the drawers so that the embellishments followed a pattern and then that the different patterned papers were spread out evenly and no two were together, talk about more fiddle fart!
Advent House 16
I am not the greatest fan of peel offs,  but have used silver corners, in two sizes, to add a bit of sparkle and shine to each drawer…….
Advent house 17So that’s it for another day ….. Jacob’s Advent House is almost done …. I just need to have another tidy up of my desk before the final sprint to the finish …..
Advent House 18More tomorrow ….. all being well!!!