Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oh Dear!

Please bear with me .... our computer has gone down again and fingers crossed that our man can fix it or at least salvage a few of the more important files on it..... 
Fortunately I have a good few FiddleFart posts scheduled and I have the use of a laptop ..... but I have lost Livewriter which I have always relied on heavily as I have never got on well with working directly in Blogger. However to further exasperate the situation Blogger has now introduced a new interface which again I have resisted until now from using, as it seems even harder to use. Now I have no choice but to use it and it's a nightmare, especially when inserting pictures, because for some reason Blogger automatically rotates some pictures so they are the wrong way round and it's so hard to work out a way to put them right in a post .... as a result a simple post that usually takes 15 to 30 minutes is taking a an awful lot longer, and that is time I don't really have. I shall however persevere and see if what happens in the next few weeks.

Off To Do Their GCSE’s

cookery gift cards
The girls I have worked with for the past year helping in their Food Technology lessons have now gone on exam leave to prepare for their GCSE’s, so to mark their last lesson we feasted greatly on pizza and I made them each a small ‘Good Luck’ card and embroidered badge.
Bandai Badge It Embroidered Badges
The cards measure 3ins x 3ins which I covered with a cookery themed paper called Bake Off by Flair Designs.  The tiny paper plates were a find on e-bay and the cup cakes were from Sainsbury’s children's department a while ago.
Embroidered buttons bandai badge It
The badges are made using my faithful Bandai Badge It and an old embroidered table cloth that I found at a card boot sale for £2.BadgeIt1_thumb3