Monday, 3 June 2019

Embroidered Pin Badges

Following on from the Bandai Badge It refills I found on Amazon and posted about …………
…… I then found a lovely single John Lewis embroidered duvet set for just £2. I admit to umming and ahhhing as to whether to buy it, but then used my usual rule of thumb when working out if something is worth buying or not ....... and for just £2 it was at least £1 cheaper than a chai latte, my  beverage of choice when I am out and about.
The flowers with the leaf are the best bits to use as they fill the badge front pretty well, but the single flowers work pretty well too, goodness knows how many I have of each, but it's a lot of badges. I am not sure, at the moment, if there could be a possible use for the strips of embroidery, but they have been put away until inspiration calls.  However,  after removing all the “pretty bits” I do have a box full of  cotton rags to use as dusters etc.
I think I may experiment with fabric pens on the scraps, and perhaps even use iron on transfer sheets to reproduce and suitably re-size some of Iris and Bertie’s pictures to put on badges to give as small gifts for dotting aunties etc.
The refills, as I said, are a far better quality than the original Badge It ones, however, the downsize is that I need to make sure that the badge back and image are put in the machine in such a way that the image is the right way around when worn, with the original badges you just needed to turn the pin around.