Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Tiny Fairy House In A Bottle Christmas Tree Decoration

Tiny Fairy House In A Bottle (2)
This Fairy House In A Bottle Christmas Tree decoration is really is tiny (dimensions below), as you can see by the penny next to it, and (if you could see me now), my cross eyes.  To start with it was a trial and error effort to find the right sized bottle, when I tried using the same bottles that I had used for similar projects the mushrooms were just lost and the proportion all wrong.  In the end I found some smaller bottles on e-bay which were perfect.
tiny bottle.The mushroom came from a pack from docrafts Tales From Willson Wood collection. They come in packs of 25 for around £2 (I think), mine were from The Range. All I did was draw a door, windows and some grass all round the sides using Sharpie pens and a not so steady hand.  It was a bit of a fiddle fart because of their very tiny size.
For the grass in the bottom of the bottle, I put a small ball of green Fimo clay, which I flattened with the end on a pen, again a bit fiddly until I got in the swing of doing them.
IMG_8939To position the fairy house in the bottle, again it was a trial and error operation until I had the idea of sticking a large needle into the top of the mushroom and putting a small blob of E900 on the bottom.  I gently lowered the mushroom into the bottle and positioned it, leaving the needle in place until it was pretty well set. By leaving the needle in for a while, I was able to reposition the mushroom if it moved.  When the glue set the needle was very carefully removed.
IMG_8940The hanging section of the bottle was made by gluing a silver jewellery spacer onto the cork and then screwing a tiny eye pin hook (also from e-bay) through the middle. A strong thread could then be threaded through the hook at a length to suit, with beads added for a little extra bling. Voila!