Sunday, 5 June 2011

Bee Pendant Tray

I’ve really tried to think outside the box for this pendant!
Bee Pendant Tray
I have had four of these enamel bee buttons for well over ten years, they must have been in every drawer in the house but I have never found anything to do with them until this week when I have been really determined to out try new ideas with my pendant trays from Marc.
Danger genious At Work
Above …… Danger …. genius at work!
The bee was too deep for the tray, but then I had an Ulrika moment and thought why not put it on the side …..
Silver Pendant Tray
So I lined the tray with a 1” x “ scrap of stamped and glittered paper I’d got left over from another project and then found silver flower charm (also from Marc) and stuck it down with couple of glass gems. The flower is fractionally deeper than the tray, but I thought that might add something to the finished pendant.  All that was left for me to do was to fill the tray with Ranger Glossy Accents and wait for it to set in around 12 hours……. and I am so impatient!
Silver pendant tray with bee
Come on …. hurry up and set!
Picture 122
But I am thrilled and the wait was so well worth it!
Picture 120