Sunday, 26 February 2017

Framed Jewelled Christmas Tree Christmas Ornament

Following on from yesterday I decided that the jewelled Christmas tree was a little to heavy and clunky looking for a card, but decided to make them a more permanent Christmas decoration by putting it in a box frame.
Jewelled Christmas Tree in Box Frame Christmas DecorationI decided to try it in a deep box frame from The Range, I’ve had a couple in my cupboard for quite a while, but they still have them in stock. At £1.49 each, they cost less than most shop bought cards.
Framed Jewelled Christmas Tree in Box Frame Christmas DecorationFramed Christmas Tree
The frames measure 10.6 x 10.6 cms. As there was a ugly sticker on the back, that I couldn’t remove I decided to keep with the theme and cover it with a scrap of snowflake printed paper and add a message (talk about being ready for Christmas early!).
Jewelled Christmas Tree in Box Frame Christmas Decoration,1I will give a couple of these instead of cards to special people as a lasting memory of Christmas that can continue to be used in years to come, but will be also keeping a couple for myself for my own festive shelves this year.  When I am next in The Range I will also get a few more to put away, as I am sure I will have a couple more similar ideas in the coming months.