Wednesday, 23 June 2010

What’s In My Shopping Bag Wednesday! 2 Posts for the Price of 1 Today

After the Budget, will Poundland become “£1.20 Land”? Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it!
Poundland Magnetic Photo frames
A quick trip to Poundland in my lunch break yesterday yielded these goodies.  I have been waiting for these photo frames to be restocked after I saw an idea in a magazine using something similar …… I am going to spray/paint them cream for a shabby chic look and add a few flower embellishments …. sounds pants at the moment …. but we shall see when I put my thoughts into action.
Poundland Butterfly Puffy Stickers Poundland Fish Puffy Stickers
….. And two packets of large puffy foam stickers, I have put a pair of scissors in the first picture so you can gauge the size.  I don’t make large A4 cards, but my friend Lisa does, they would be brilliant on them or as embellishments on a Bind It All book cover or 12 x 12 scrapbook pages.

What’s On My Desk Wednesday

I am trying to economise as I seem to have had made a few expensive purchases this month …. so to get a shopping “fix” I  have been over to the local papershop, where the gentleman takes off the free gifts from the unsold comics and sells them for 30p each, there are some real treasures if you rummage around enough!
Picture 176
I got this tool kit to embellish some of my sweetie filled toolboxes – five men's embellishments for 30p? Brilliant!
Picture 186
And this 30p bargain was even better than I anticipated when I opened the box.  I thought the pieces would be flat and the cars printed on them, but I found that there were little foam cars stuck on the strips of road ….
  Picture 198
So, I made a tiny gift box for learner driver who has just passed their driving test …… I’ll put a few car shaped sweeties inside the box to follow the theme through.
Picture 192
The L plates are table confetti.
Picture 194 Picture 195
I know it’s daft but its cute as well!
Picture 196
I have a couple more ideas for these “dominoes”,  I just need the time!