Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Insect Memory Frame Pendants

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with these Memory Frame Pendants.  They have been a very long time in the making, as I have had the Ranger Inkssentials Memory Frames for too many years to remember, so long in fact that I think they are now discontinued and if there are any still available they will be few and far between.
Ranger Memory Frame Insect Memory Frame PendantsThe idea came to me when I found these Anita’s Dimensional stickers in The Works and wondered if they might work in the copper finish frames.
insect……. but in order for the idea to work the insects had to fit in the memory capsules from the same Inkssentials Range, fortunately I also had  the remains of three packs, one pack for each size of frame, kept for all this time too.
memory framememory frame capsules
Several of the insects were indeed a perfect fit, everything came together and I was so chuffed.
Insect Memory Frame Pendant 1The above frame measures 2” x 2” ins. and I have used a circle memory capsule with it.  As with all the frames I have used a scrap of handwritten text paper for the background.
Insect Memory Frame Pendant 2This frame measures 1.5” x 1.5” ins and I have used an oval shaped capsule with it.
Insect Memory Frame Pendant 4The last frame measures 1” x 3” ins fitted with a lozenge shaped capsule.
Insect Memory Frame Pendant 6It was tempting to put a little Range Glossy Accents for added realisim on the insects before I put them inside the capsules, I still might, but wondered if there might be enough shine from the capsule without adding any more inside.
memory Frame Pendant backI still have the original boxes of Memory Glass made to fit in all the frames (now, I believe, also discontinued) but decided that if these frames were ever to be worn as pendants it might be a lot safer to just use several layers of card glued together onto a scrap piece of silver mirror card that fitted snuggly into the frames and use the glass for other projects, especially as it wouldn’t show anyway.
So much of my crafty stuff had to find new homes when I moved, I am so glad these bits didn’t.  I shall be keeping my eye on eBay just in case any frames crop up, but I think it will be increasingly doubtful.