Saturday, 10 December 2016

Keeping The Momentum Going …………

I hope you don't mind that my posts won’t be all about crafts in the run up to Christmas or over New Year. Coming back to blogging came as a bit of a surprise to me, it really was a matter of one day sitting down at the computer and starting again from scratch. But it's that time of year when there's a lot things going on do, so rather than keep stopping and starting, I thought would fill the days by showing you a bit more of my new home, posting more of my charity shop finds, as well as a couple of crafty ideas.
Cottage Garden
Plus …… I am off to spend a few days with Marc next week at the cottage in Worcester, this place is a constant source of inspiration to me, so I am hoping Marc will allow me to share a few pictures of the things that I love so much there.  I am not sure if we will have time to craft, between pints of vodka and coke, boxes of Maltesers or watching reality TV, but you never know! 
gardenI promise the crafting will start with vengeance in the New Year, I have already ordered a few bits and pieces, but if you could just bear with me!

Matchbox Christmas Tree Decoration.

I bought a couple of packs of  8 white craft matchboxes from The Works (£1) last year, I was hoping to buy a few more online this year, but at present they are out of stock, so I have had to make do with what I have got.
Matchbox Tree Decoartion. ReindeerThe matchboxes are quite small, measuring 5cm x 3.5cm, just enough to put in a small chocolate or perhaps some Christmas money.
Matchbox Tree decoration from sidematchbox tree decoration. top
The Christmas sentiment down the side of the box is cut from a roll of Washi tape from Dovecrafts North Pole range (bought from The Works £2).
North Pole TapeThe wooden reindeer head was from a tray of wooden Christmas shaped tags also from The Works,  (I can’t find them on their website sorry), to which I added a pair of wobbly eyes and a bit of a fringe.
Reindeer Matchbox Christmas Tree DecorationThe matchbox is lined with the same paper as the outside. 
I punched a hole in the top of the box and threaded through a hanger using striped red bakers twine and matching red wooden bead. A tiny amount of faux stitching using a black fine liner pen finishes off the box.