Thursday, 23 October 2014

Creepy Spider Halloween Lollipop Holders

I have finally used up ALL of the 72 spiders I got for a pound, from a local poundshop!
….. and in the process found another use for the Halloween paper chains I got from HobbyCraft (120 links for £1) and a spare bag of skull lollies from PoundWorld (19 lollies in a bag), which I have to say tasted pretty good, as I sucked on one as I worked  …… as part of my market research!!!!!!!
So ……. for the cover I took a strip of purple card 6cms wide and scored it on my scoreboard at 7cms, 1cm and 7cm intervals.
I stuck a spider paper chain down the centre of the strip and trimmed as necessary, punching two holes at either end, holding both ends together so that they would marry up when a ribbon was threaded through, followed by a little faux stitching using a white gel pen
I put two lollies in each holder, sticking them together with a little double sided tape to keep them together …………. and glued the spiders on with a glue gun, trying to place them over a spider on the paper chain for a 3D sort of effect.
I am tempted to buy another bag of spiders away for next year as they have been so useful ….. and especially as Halloween bits and pieces to inspire me to craft with have been few on the ground this year …..