Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Bertie’s Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Card

This card measures 21cms wide by 15cms tall and is made using a hand cut, white linen effect blank.
Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Card
I have made this card for young master Bertie’s 2nd Birthday, he is Hungry Caterpillar mad and can tell you the story off by heart, to hear him “reading out aloud”, always brings a tear to my eye as he uses such cute intonation.
It’s been years since I have made a card like this, manipulating free downloadable Hungry Caterpillar pictures using Publisher 2003 (a very, very old fashioned method these days) , and as a result I was quite rusty, and really had to think about how to do certain things.
I put together the main design and then decided to add more interest and texture using several decoupage layers on the head.  When happy I printed the sheet off on my faithful old printer that accepts card like a dream.
I mat and layered the main panel on black and then silver card, and then, as an after thought, printed off another strip of the Hungry Caterpillar print to use behind the main panel, again to add more interest and extra colour.
I cut out and fixed the various layers using foam pads and then fixed the panel to the main card.
I had a little Glossy Accents in the bottom of a bottle that needed to be used up so I applied some to the caterpillars eyes and to the print pattern, which made the colours pop. A scattering of three grouped dots here and there also helped to break up the solid white background.
If I were to make the card again, I would add another layer to the caterpillars body to make him stand out just that little bit more.