Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fairydoodler’s Friday Freebie Challenge


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My “Nightmare” Work Desk!

I thought I would give you a laugh today …… I admit, I must be a nightmare to work with during the Festive Season ….. my “less is more” mantra goes out of the window ….. and my colleagues are faced with this ……
I have so many lights plugged into my computer ports, it’s a wonder the thing  doesn’t explode!
Desk 1
Here you see my festive mugs, a jar of chocolate money (that needs topping up ..), for mid typing nibbles and a little bottle of bubbles for when I fancy a spontaneous Yuletide flurry!
Desk 2
I have collection of light up festive pens for taking seasonal minutes, a jewel encrusted computer mouse, calculator and scissors, plus a proper Christmas mouse stuck to my phone (the sticker says “I love answering my phone in a foreign accent” 
My festive desk 2010
It really is  a wonder that I haven’t been given my cards ….. especially considering what you can’t see includes an inflatable Christmas tree and turkey and a singing and dancing snowman! 
My festive desk 2010a
However, despite all this around me …….. I remain professional and supremely efficient at all times!!!!!!!!!!! LOL