Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Hobbycraft Advent House

I went a bit mad and purchased a Hobbycraft Advent House

https://www.hobbycHobbycraft Advent
It cost me £15, so not a cheap project and to be honest I am not sure if I will even actually make a start on it this year, but you never know.
Hobbycraft Advent House
I particularly like the top section where you can make up little 3D scene. I have a couple of resin snowmen and some bog bottle brush trees that I think could look quite good there. 
Hobbycraft Advent HOuse..
I am not sure how to approach the doors of each compartment as they don’t come off, which means working with the house as a whole for a lot of the time.  The knobs don’t come off either, so I am a bit loathe to colour them just in case I slip with my Sharpie. 
However at the moment I am thinking that I will make a small 1.5ins x 1.25ins scene on a piece of card for each door which I will then glue on and then over lap the edges nearest the knob with an advent number or other embellishments like a star or snowflake to draw it all together, well, that’s the theory anyway, if I ever do get started!
I also love Hobbycrafts LED gingerbread house, but at £25 it would be a very extravagant purchase, however I have promised myself to keep a daily eye on it once December comes just in case it gets reduced.   Although the drawers come out I think decorating the attached tree/santa panels could be a little tricky.  To be honest I would prefer to work on a completely blank canvas, but hey ho that’s me!