Monday, 29 January 2018

The Final Piece To The Puzzle – Jomanda’s Save The Date Cards

Just a very quick post today as I am, after a week, still under the influence of a proper dose of flu, Lu and I had one dose over Christmas which rendered Christmas over before it had begun and then last Monday when I should have been celebrating my 60th, I was in bed hallucinating that my duvet cover was a game of Candy Crush Saga that refused to light up ……. days I can never get back, but at least I have New York to look forward to at the end of February as a way of celebrating reaching such a momentous age!!!
Photo Save The Date Card
Anyway, this is the Save The Date card I received from my nephew Joe and his bride to be, Amanda, they had finally sorted out their photo stickers to complete the cards that I had made for them.  I am really chuffed!
I think I “may” also be asked to make the invitations, once the overall colour scheme is finalised,  but I won’t be offended if I don’t, because, oh my life, it’s some responsibility making someone’s vision and dreams come true as part of the most important day of their lives