Sunday, 8 August 2010

Carbooting Sunday

As you can see from my picture, this carboot is HUGE!


Lisa picked me up at half past seven to go to a carboot  about 15 minutes away from us.. We must be mad, Sundays were meant for lying in and tea and toast in bed! We were good girls and stuck to our plan of each walking  down one side of a row and then swopping over at the top, as we knew we would be looking at/for the same thing and didn’t want to spoil a good friendship by fighting in an unseemly fashion over some trifle that caught both our fancies!

Picture 705

I was really keen to go, as Lisa said that the last time she went she found some double sided, silver mirror card. I’d had some a few years back and it was brilliant, especially for making boxes etc. on my Silhouette …… but I never thought I’d find any more once it was used up.  I managed to get 3 packs of  50 sheets for £2 each, bargain!  The lady on the stall said she was trying to get some double sided gold, now that would be even brillianter!!!

Picture 708

I also managed to find this small pile of bracelets and necklaces to disassemble. I was particularly looking for ones that had attached beads (as below), because they will look like little charms on the bracelets I intend to make with them. I paid between 20p and 50p for each of them, but there is a NEXT necklace amongst them that  I think I will wear for a while before undoing


These baskets were our find of the morning, costing just £1 for 10. I was thinking Christmas, but Lisa was thinking way ahead of me to Easter.  They measure about 4ins square and will be ideal for putting all sorts of little things in. We got 30 each! What are we like?

Picture 709

This was a funny sort of purchase, but only cost 50p – it’s a huge bag of fuzzy felt dancing girls with lots of dancing clothes etc. ……. I’m thinking …… girlie cards?

Picture 711

I also managed to find Monkey a very fetching Christmas outfit!!!

Cyclo Cross Birthday Card

Picture 090
Another one of my newspaper cards today.  I have made a very simple decoupage layer to accentuate the rider.
Picture 089
A bit of clip art and a few hologram stars – quite simple …. but putting it all together must have taken me at least an hour and a half!
Picture 087