Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Marc And I “Do” Crafting Together For The First Time …… Continued ….

This is the pile of booty that Marc and I put together during my visit, and I think Marc has since added a few more things……… what is he like????
The matchboxes (below) are to put small pieces of jewellery or keyrings in made by Marc ……
Tattoo themed wedding crafts
……. but they proved to be the most frustrating and difficult things to put together ever, despite our using the Stampin’ Up matchbox die my son Tom managed to get from America ….. they look lovely when put together, but believe me, they would try the patience of a saint, and Marc said that for the first time he realised how impatient I can be!!  Needless to say, I left ALL the matchboxes to Marc, who fortunately does have the patience of a saint!!!
swallow gift box
After Marc had worked out how to put the insides together he then went on to emboss the outsides ….. and cutting even more blue glitter birds out (Sizzix Sizzlits Singles Die - Bird Swallow Patch Embellishment Item #: 12786329), which I believe may now be discontinued.
On it’s own the bird didn’t look right, so we added the flower, but had to fiddle fart with them because the stem was white and needed to be coloured green, and they were soooooo tiny ….. aghhhh,
writing on a sixpence
But something was still missing ….. first Marc added a plain flourish and then a silver flourish and then a glittered glittered ….. before finally wondering out aloud how they would look with a bit of writing and a doodle or two on  …….. and since he says I can write on a pinhead, guess who got that job ???????
My template and guide is at the bottom, marked so that I could compare and write the real thing in around about the same place each time!
winged heart fridge magnets
Marc then followed the idea through again with the fridge magnets he made, seen here backed on contrasting presentation cards.
There were also packs of tattoos to put together and since I have got home I have made a card to go with some wish bracelets ………….
tattoo wedding favorTattoo themed wedding crafts..
That’s one thing about Marc ……. he knows how to make a woman work for her keep, but we had such a wonderful, wonderful time and there were huge hugs and a few tears when it was time for me to leave ………. BUT here’s an even more WONDERFUL thing …….. we are now busy making plans for Marc to stay with me for a week in the summer ……. he has a bucket list and visiting the delights of Wolverhampton is on there ………. now how brilliant will that be?????