Monday, 10 September 2018

Jewelled Wedding Heart

Oh dear ……. this jewelled heart was meant for either Bertie or Iris to give to my nephew’s bride Amanda at their coming wedding ………..
Jewelled Wedding Heart - old brooches
……. only I decided that I couldn’t bear to give it away and want to keep it for myself!  What am I like? I can just see it now in a shadow box frame on one of my shelves!
I knew as soon as it was almost finished that I couldn’t be parted with it, so with time ticking I now have to come up with another couple ideas for the said bride so that she won’t be found empty handed after the ceremony!
IMG_8707jewelled Heart.
I used a MDF heart as the base and started by placing parts from a cream flower necklace in prominent areas and then building up the layers and filling in the gaps with bits and pieces from my box of broken jewellery. The only new “bought” bits used were two types of plastic, white rose embellishments from The Works. I was really surprised how much stuff I had that just seemed to really go together.
jewelled Heart
I used E6000 glue to keep everything in place and I now just need to remove the odd, stray, dry glue strand, as the pictures show, before I frame the heart  (the ribbon needs to go too).  It reminds me of something the Victorians would have done with seashells.
Luckily I have another couple of the spare heart bases so that I can have another go at making something that I can actually bear to give away.

I am also hoping to now post on a Tuesday for the next little while, objects of desire, heads up for what's crafty in the shops, the odd charity shop find, and drawers that will make up my next Advent Calendar,  the long crafty blog break really seems to have paid off.