Saturday, 20 May 2017

London For Eurovision

Eurovision will never be the same without sharing it either in Worcester or London with Marc and Rick and this year was no exception. 
IMG_2158Our money was on Belgium to win and Spain to get null points, but, what Rick and I were really thinking was that which ever country won, it would be one that was fairly easily to travel too, Stockholm was supposed to be a once in a lifetime, bucket list occasion, but somewhere along the way we really got the bug………
IMG_2161…….. so our attention in the next 8-9 months will be firmly fixed on the Portugal Eurovision website.  The competition for tickets is sooooooo great, as we have found in the past, so we have a plan, one of us will try to get tickets for the final and the other for The Judges Final and fingers crossed one or both of us is successful.
IMG_2159Inspiration wise, Marc’s flat never fails to get my creative juices flowing with all his bits and pieces and how they are displayed, I make no apologises if I am repeating some pictures of my favourite pieces throughout this post.
When not gearing up for Eurovision, we spent a lot of time watching videos YouTube, mostly crafts but a few “choice” others too, some of which had us in fits of hysteria or leaving us absolutely gobsmacked!
Now, about once a month I may do a post on my latest charity or Poundland purchases but on YouTube there are hundreds of people with their shopping bags making regular films on their latest shopping expedition, just type in “Poundland Haul” ……. I am just such a none starter!!!!!  I am really not tempted to follow suit ……. but, I did think that if I was ever in a mischievous frame of mind and I had indulged in an extra Asti Spumante or two I might, one day, do a spoof!!
We watched several videos on using gilding flakes, something I was given several years ago, but have never used, but Marc raves about and uses a lot.
IMG_2179It was his gilded seashells that inspired me, as I have it in my head to one day decorate a mirror using shells, coral, pearls and jewels etc. and the idea of  having a few gilded bits here and there really appealed.
IMG_2189I think I must drive Marc mad as I go mooching along his shelves, as he says, nothing’s new, but I see something new each time……..
…….. but the one constant object of desire is the venetian mirror in the lounge, my eyes are continually drawn to it ……. it’s the real deal, so well out of my budget ……… but, never say never ……
the one that got away_thumb[2]……. you may remember me finding this mirror in Georgian House Antiques in Evesham in December,  it was near enough the real deal for me ……..
Huge ornate mirror_thumb[2]……. I had got it down to £160 including delivery, until I saw sense!  It was stupidly large and was so heavy it would have taken my walls down!!!  However, I have decided to take in a few pictures of Marc’s into the shop and ask them that if they find anything similar on their travels to give me a call.
IMG_2198My flat still feels very, very new, but I know it will evolve as I become more settled and start looking round it again with fresh eyes and changing tastes,  and then it will be the time to get Marc and Rick in to advise me as how to be more adventurous with colour and the placing of things, not everything has to be centred to an inch of its life!