Friday, 11 October 2013

Jacob’s Advent House – Part 1

I was very excited, if not a little daunted by the task I had set myself in making an Advent House for my friend’s little boy Jacob …. not by the actual cutting and gluing, but the planning,  I had virtually decided to make it almost the same as mine ….  until a trip to HobbyCraft turned my idea completely on its head …..
Advent House 1
….. when I saw these adhesive Advent Toppers, they cost £2.99,  but there was a buy two get one free offer on selected Christmas stuff  ….. so you can guess what happened,  …. I got one and two spares, aghhhh!!!
Advent House 2
But….. the colours didn’t go with the papers I had originally chosen to use …. so out came my paper box and I started all over again, opting for some Stampin’ Up papers in green, not a Christmas range, but perfect as a background and whose patterns were in perfect proportion to the drawers, plus a few pieces of red paper,  their position to be decided once I got started.
Advent House 3
The house was duly sprayed with a cream colour spray paint ….
Advent House 5
…. drawers covered and roughly planned out with their numbered embellishment ……
Advent House 4…. which were given the FiddleFart treatment of a dusting of extra fine translucent glitter from Michaels, a present from Dianne in Florida a while ago.
Advent House 6And then I started to think about snowmen ….. which was followed by a stupid amount of time spent on the internet trying to find “the perfect snowman” x 5 ….. I failed, and went to bed wondering what to do …..!! 
Advent House 7However when I got up next morning and started looking for something completely different I stumbled upon some wooden snowmen I had completely forgotten about  … that were perfect,
Advent House 8I had spent too long looking for cutesy snowmen …. and this was an Advent House for a rufty tuffy little boy …. so the more “rustic” wooden snowmen I found were much better suited!
All the pieces were coming together slowly ……. and I was now covered in glue and my craftroom chaos ……
More tomorrow ….