Monday, 1 March 2010

Anniversary Card

Today my husband and I celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary which is Pearl.  Now, I don’t think pearls are very manly – so how could I incorporate them into a card for my big burly man ………?
Pearl fish
Well, I turned them into little fish …… because one of  Andy’s many hobbies is keeping them!
pearl fish (1)
The eyes are the nail decorations I got from Poundland last week, they are just the right size, the silver bubbles are also nail heads from Rhinestones Online, the translucent micro glitter is Dazzling Diamonds from Stampin’ Up and the doodling is all mine!
As for gifts – I gave him four hermit crabs for his fish tank and he gave me a new camera.  The macro setting for close up photos is so good, I couldn’t use them, as the fish close up were disgusting, covered in stray bits of glitter, dried glue and fingerprints!