Saturday, 7 December 2019

My Festive Bedrooms

I think I may have gone a little overboard this year in my festive guest room ........
It's a bit busy and I am not to sure how cosy and relaxing it would be to sleep in there  ........
...... but at least there will be no mistaking that's it's Christmas!!! 
I was worried that since I gave the room in a deep teal signature wall earlier in the year that the Christmas bits and pieces I had would still work, I think they do, so perhaps it's just this new colour combination, plus the extra bits of silver I need to adjust too.
The festive flowerpots for my car boot cactus's sitting on the window sill were all charity shop finds, plundered on the same day from different shops, all costing 99p each.
There is a little less ornamentation in my room.
I decided not to go with any festive bedding in this room this year, as the white broderie anglaise I already use works, I have just added two red pillowcases at the back plus a red cushion in the middle, of the two silver ones, which needless to say all end up on the floor when I go to bed!  
The small ribbon embroidered cushion was another charity shop find for just 99p.
I wasn't too sure whether the three retro, white, metal mirrors that are usually above the bed were festive enough especially as it's also quite a space to fill, but when I saw the large red glitter stars in B & M Bargains reduced to £1.49 I could see that they would work in both rooms.
I now really need to curb my enthusiasm for buying any more festive frou frou, I really have more than enough ....... but when you spy a painted terracotta Santa wall plaque for just 99p in Oxfam what's a girl to do?