Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Cruise Birthday Card

This is a card I made for The PE Lady’s Mum (if you read my other blog Mum’s Monkey, you’ll know who I mean)
Cruise Birthday card Cruise_Birthday_card[5]
She was going on a cruise round the Canary islands for her 80th birthday and The PE Lady wanted a special card to include this.
I used my newspaper card template and this is what the sheet looked like after creating it in Publisher. As you will see, it didn’t include many elements and in the end I didn’t even use the sea picture, as it didn’t quite work, so I covered over it on the main card.
Travel Stickers
I’d used a few 3D stickers from this pack of transport stickers (sorry, I don’t know the brand or cost as I’ve had them for a long time) to give the card extra dimension.
My newspaper cards are all A5 size (a sheet of white linen A4 card folded in half).
I’ve added a bit of smoke, as I had rather a lot of space to fill in the sky and then a smattering of stars, also to fill in a few spaces.  A card like this can take me quite some time to do, depending on the theme and if I am using stickers or a simple decoupage.  I find the hardest part is fitting all the wording in so that it looks balanced.