Friday, 14 November 2014

Wayfair UK

downloadExciting news Chez Fiddle Fart, I received an e-mail from Marne representing a company called Wayfair UK (, a company that has "a zillion things for the home", and new to me, saying that she had seen some of my up-cycling projects and wondered if I might like to peruse the Wayfair site to see if there were any products that might inspire me to produce a tutorial exclusive to their site ........  are Maltesers my confectionery of choice?????? Well, I had to say yes didn't I?
To be honest at the start  I struggled, all the items are lovely, so lovely that in my mind fiddle-farting with them would have been like gilding the lily!
However, prompted and persuaded by Marne I have settled for something very, very simple and which will work to a festive theme ...... but that is all I am allowed to divulge.  If all goes well I am hoping that my tutorial will "go live" at the end of November and then I will reveal all through a link to Wayfair ......
In the meantime have a look for yourselves, I have soooooooo many new objects of desire now it’s impossible!!