Friday, 6 January 2017

A Boy And His Toys – Marc Tries Out His New Be Creative! Wonder Stamp Press

While I was staying with Marc he was also keen to try out his new Be Creative! Wonder Press which had only just arrived to great excitement.
For the purposes of this post I  have been a bit lazy, but rather than make any mistakes with what it does/can do, I have taken the quote below directly from website
Be Creative Wonder Stamp Press 3Be Creative Wonder Stamp Press 2
(Marc used another grid under the Wonder Press solely for the purpose of having a flat, firm surface on the table where we were working)
Be Creative Wonder Stamp Press 4“The new Wonder Stamp Press makes stamping so easy with its large platform. The grid markings along all four edges make lining up stamps very simple giving you the perfect placement of your image every time.
When your stamp is mounted on to the Stamp Press you have time to ink your stamps up and line up with your project before you press down to stamp your image. Little pressure is required for a perfect stamp image every time.
Can take stamps up to around 12 x 20 cm in size. PRESS IT ...STAMP IT everyone can stamp !”
Be Creative Wonder Stamp Press 5Be Creative Wonder Stamp Press 6
Now, though I love stamps, I am always wary/reluctant to stamp directly onto a card or tag for fear of it not being perfectly centred or level, or smudged, which is why I always stamp on a piece of card, which I then trim, before mat and layering it, before putting it on to a card, often losing a lot of the simplicity of the style of stamps I prefer and the “less is more” effect I always try to aim for.
snowman stamp Be Creative Wonder PressLet’s just say Marc was very impressed and, equally, so was I, so much so that I think I will also be investing in a Wonder Press myself in the next little while, and at £7.99 that’s less than a lot of stamps sets.
My snowman colouring InMarc was all about the playing and experimenting, so I was allowed to colour in his stamping, of which I am no great whiz, but it was all very relaxing as we nattered with erm ….. the odd voddie and coke!