Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Needlecase – Mark One

I never know whether to post projects that I have made but am not 100% happy with ….. then I thought why not, it's not like you are going to bump into me in Poundland or Primark and say "Oi Fiddle, saw what you did on your blog today and it was pants!!!!"
So today I am going to show you a needlecase I made ever so quickly, while the idea was buzzing about in my head and bearing in mind that sewing (like stamping) isn’t really my thing!
Needlecase bits

The idea came from a Stampin’ Up felt flower set, too lovely to be put on a card, so I got some felt that was as close a match as I could find, with the idea of making a (some) needlecase(s).
 Needlecase TemplatesNeedlecase parts cut out
I made some templates and cut out the felt......


...... and then  used my old Singer sewing machine on the first attempt, it looked rubbish and ended up in the bin!

inside needlecase

I then decided to do some running stitches round the edges, on the front panel and to secure the inside by hand.
Finished needlecase.

I added very small mother of pearl buttons to the flower centres.
This first attempt is very crude, well out of my comfort zone and done in about half an hour …. but this prototype will now sit on my desk begging me to do it again, but with a little rethinking and a lot more care.