Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Cards from Christmas 2018 – Fiddle Fart Guest Crafters No. 2

Four cards that I was soooooo lucky to have received for Christmas 2018, plus an interloper for you today.
The first card is from Di, a fellow craft blogger and adopter of several of my monkeys way back in 2011.  In our cards we both mooted that another Monkey reunion in Swindon must surely be a goer in the coming year. Why Swindon? Well, it’s almost half way between where Di and Valery (another adopter) live, easy by car and for me the train.  This is a stamped design, but so beautifully executed, coloured and cut out I really thought it might have been a printed die cut. Sorry Di.
The next card was from The Lovely Laura’s mum.  I am guessing it was cut on her Silhouette.  I think I have told this story before, but when we were making all the things for Tom and Laura’s wedding I introduced Denise to said Silhouette which she really ran with it, putting me to shame, as I don’t think I have had mine out since cutting out all those cheese shaped boxes!
Another stamped card from Christine ( Tilly), I love it, so cute and such lovely colours.  You know me and stamping ….. but  a couple of weeks ago I treated myself to Tonic Studios & Tim Holtz Travel Stamp Platform, which seemed to be the perfect size for me as I tend not to make cards any bigger than 6ins x 6ins. Using a new customer code I managed to get it with 20% off, so that pleased me too. Needless to say, like  a lot of crafters I have yet to try it, but perhaps this post will give me that spur.  Initially I want it to print sentiments straight onto a card, something I rarely do as I am such a kak handed stamper and in the past many, many blank cards have ended up in the bin. So …… watch this space.
This final card was obviously a Thank You card sent by my very dear Monkey follower friend Jan The Fan.  It’s the cute simplicity of it.  I think I could do something very similar for Easter using some of the wooden polka dot rabbits I have squirrelled somewhere. I just need to have more faith in my doodling ability.  Marc would now tell me that when I have come up with a doodle I am happy with I could then put it through my Scan n Cut ……. I feel another “out of my comfort zone” challenge coming up for me then ……  but as Marc is coming over in a few weeks time, perhaps we could do this one together ….. it sounds like a plan.