Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Button Covered “Designer” Bag

What was commonly known as my shoplifting coat has finally bitten the dust, and I think the store detectives in Poundland had finally sussed me ….. so this is what I am using now ….
Bag decorated with buttons
If I see an old tin of buttons at a car boot sale I just have to have it…. but what’s the point in bringing them home only to put them in an even bigger button tin?
Button decorated bag
I’ve used a glue gun to stick them on and they have taken a right good bashing but after about three weeks of heavy use none have come off.
Buttons as a bag decoration
The bag is a Cambridge Diet bag (£1.50). It’s a lovely shape with long handles, just perfect …. I have been stopped several times on the bus and when out car booting by people asking me where I’ve got it from …. at least I can say its an “original”

What's on My Desk Wednesday - Bargains from HobbyCraft

My mate Lisa’s  enthusiasm is contagious, while I was at work the other day she was texting me with all her HobbyCraft bargains, how cruel was that?  I had to wait till Friday when I finished early to see if she had left me anything ……. !
HobbyCrafts Sale Item - Button plugs
I thought these wooden plugs would be good on the drawers of my Tesco Advent House.
My only criticism of HobbyCraft is that they put a lot of bargains in very large “bargain bin boxes” – I could rummage, but they were so deep and full that I was frustrated that I might miss out on something fantastic, and I am not really sure that the assistants would have been pleased if I had hoisted a lot of stuff out and put it all over the floor enabling me to delve deeper
HobbyCrafts Sale Item - Baby Stickers HobbyCrafts Sale Item- Boy and Girl Felt Ribbons
Lisa got these bargains too.  I wanted the stickers (£1.99 reduced to 99p) when I first saw them, but I ermed and ahhed at the price, but reduced to 99p I snapped them up.  The ribbon I just loved when I saw Lisa’s and I managed to get a reel of pink and two of red (89p 2m reel).
HobbyCraft sale item - Making Memories Glitter Letters HobbyCrafts Sale Item - Making Memories
The Making Memories alphabet glitter die cuts (£3.49p reduced to 99p) will come in very useful for personalised cards and  I plan to use the Making Memories School Packing Tapes (£3.99 down to 99p, they were reduced again after labelling) for “End of Term Thank You” and “First Day at School” cards.
HobbyCraft Sale Item - Making Memories- Metal Words HobbyCraft Sale Item - Pull Bow Ribbon
I have also picked up the metal words up many times when  shopping in HobbyCraft, but six words for £3.49 seemed expensive, £1.99 is a much better price!  The ribbon, all 25m of it, seemed a bargain too, but perhaps it was a shopping faux pas as it is “pulling ribbon” it should make cute rosette type bows, but I don’t have a clue how you do it!!!!
HobbyCraft Sale Item - Favor Bags HobbyCrafts Sale Item with heart shaped chocolates
Ten tassel favour bags (£4.99 reduced to £2.99) is another good bargain, it works out at 29p a bag ….. BRILLIANT – especially when filled with these chocolate hearts.
Hobbycrafts Store - Do Crafts Hampstead
This paper was not in the sale, (£2.99 for pack of 6 x 6) but I just had to have it, the colours and patterns are so lovely and a change from some of the  “pretty pretty” ranges.  It comes from DoCrafts and I am hoping to make some really lovely cards with it in the coming week.  I also bought some of the alphabet sets that go with it.