Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Another Bejewelled Dunelm Illuminated Christmas Tree Cone

After the success of my first decorated Dunelm Christmas Tree cone, I just couldn’t resist experimenting some more ….. wondering what one would look like decorated with a couple of boxes of very small multi-coloured baubles I got in Poundland …… (25 baubles per box)
Bejewelled Dunelm Christmas Tree ConeBejewelled Dunelm Christmas Tree Cone. illuminated
Well ….. I think I like this one even more than my first one in a gaudy, not so tasteful kind of a way ……. again my fingers are raw because I am c**p with pliers and jump rings, but it was worth it!
Illuminated Dunelm Christmas Tree Cone.  bejewelled Christmas tree coneBejewelled Dunelm Illuminated Christmas Tree Cone
To add even more bling I also stuck hologram snowflakes in the gaps to help reflect the light and colours.
I am tempted to put another couple of cones away …. for more experimentation …. but then again my craft room is fit to bursting point already.  However ……  if I saw any of them in a sale after Christmas ……..!!!!!