Friday, 13 January 2017

Valentines Day Ladybird Matchbox

Valentine Lady bug MatchboxI was a little disappointed to find that only one chocolate ladybird fit comfortably in this The Works matchbox.  Two would have looked cute, but the top would have bulged and that wouldn’t look very professional, so I may just pad the box out with a little red tissue paper to make the ladybird look all cosy. I will look, but doubt if I will find any other suitable wrapped sweet that would maybe go with it, unless a small packet of Lovehearts would fit?
Valentines Day Lady Bird Matchbox with ChocolateThe box is lined with a heart patterned paper and then I  have simply mat and layered the top and bottom using scraps from a Nordic style Christmas Paper and silver foil, with co-coordinating scraps down the sides.
Valentines Day Ladybird MatchboxThe leaf and sentiment circle are punched, and the “With Love” handwritten and edged by me using a black fine liner pen.
Valentines Ladybird ladybug matchboxI thought putting the wooden ladybirds on the top would be a hint as to what lies within, and when the chocolate is eaten you still have a little box for treasures or buttons etc.