Saturday, 24 November 2018

Heads Up - Flying Tiger Christmas Stickers

I love Flying Tiger shops, Marc and I were once followed all round the Hammersmith branch by a “undercover” member of staff, it was in the days of my huge “shop lifting bag” as Marc used to call it.  It was the best bag I have ever had, I still miss it,  but it was sooooooo big, I suppose it did look a bit suspicious!
However, I digress.  This year Flying Tiger have had some really lovely foiled, foam based card stickers for just £1 a pack.  I was very restrained and only bought three packs but I think I may regret it as I am already thinking “Advent Calendar” using one of the blank set of drawers (from The Works)  I have squirrelled away.  I don’t usually do polar bears but the bear pack is my definite favourite, even more than the gingerbread men, and that’s saying something.
These gem stickers were also £1. not sure what I am going to do with them yet, other than a very simple bauble on a white card.