Monday, 1 October 2018

Halloween Favour Pots.

Halloween Frankenstein Favours pots
Following on from last weeks shopping, I have to admit in some disappointment with the pumpkin pots, the opening at the top proved to be much smaller than similar pots I have used in the past and as a result I can’t really fit the chocolates I intended inside with any great ease and in turn that would be fiddly for any child who received one. 
The hole was also too small to put in a battery operated tea light, so another crafty bum! So ……. back to the drawing board ……and after a mooch round Home Bargains I found some chocolate foil wrapped pumpkin balls to put in them.
The tops of the Frankenstein pots are bigger and I was able to put in a satisfying amount of Celebration sweets plus a few Halloween chocolate coins.
Once filled I put the pots in a cellophane bag, tying the top with a ribbon and adding a bat and tag.  The bats cost £1 for a net of 12 from Poundstretcher.
bats and door wreathIMG_8939
I was originally going to put an eyelet through the hole I punched in the bat wings but thought it would be much safer not to add any small elements that could come adrift.  There were no small parts to come loose on the pots either, you have to be so careful!
Halloween pumpkin pot favours
I didn’t put “Trick or Treat” on any of the tags because the  event the pots were made for was a few days after Halloween, but since the evening included a pumpkin trail through the nursery meadow I thought some of the elements of Halloween would be still fresh in the little ones minds.
Halloween Frankenstein favour potIMG_8951Halloween pumpkin pot favour
The Halloween stickers came from Aldi last year, but as they always seem to have really useful stickers for Halloween and Christmas I will be on the look out for them again this year.
And the ribbons? Well, can you believe I am still using the ribbons left over from making the bouquets, table flowers, button holes etc. for Tom and Laura’s wedding, who would have thought that five years later the ribbons would be used again in part to raise money for their babies wonderful nursery school!