Sunday, 22 July 2012

Festive Nosey Parkers ........ in July!!!

There’s been a bit of banter in my “chatbox” between Louise and Angie … curious about what Christmas template Linda has recommended me to have a look at ….  what are they like????!!!!!
Linda, knowing how much I love looking for different ways of packaging snowman soup sent me a link to this idea.   Now, bearing in mind just how careful you have to be with copyright re: digital files etc. I thought the best thing to do was send you directly to: to see for yourselves. A download of the  file costs £1.80. 
As you know I am very particular about my snowman images, they have to have “just the right face”.  I lost my very favourite Zoe Pearn Little Joys digi file when our computer “died” at Christmas but I have found lots of snowman images that   I may be very tempted to purchase as I get more and more into Christmas …….. It’s only July …. what am I thinking!!!!