Monday, 2 January 2017

Large Chalkboard Fridge Magnet (?) Using Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers

This idea was a bit of an experiment following on from an idea I had after being asked to review Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers at the end of November.
Poundland ChalkboardThe idea was to make an interchangeable display of children’s artwork/drawings, using the Chalkola pens on inexpensive chalkboards, so off I trolled to Poundland and found exactly what I was looking for
Poundland Chalk Board 1The framed board measures 29cm x 21cm. The chalkboard surface appears to be a coated mdf (but I could be wrong), but, the whole thing weighs very little, which I hoped that the self adhesive magnet discs I planned to use on the back would support.
Chalkola Chalk PensChalkola Chalk Pens....
Once the pens were “activated” by a little shaking and then gently pressing the nibs up and down on a spare piece of paper several times, the chalk ink flowed easily and my able assistant, Iris, could get on with the task in hand, to wit creating a wonderful, colourful masterpiece.
I have to admit that I am VERY, VERY, VERY careful when arming Miss Iris with any felt pen, but with these chalk pens I really can relax, as any stray scribble can be removed easily with a wet wipe  (although I did still put a mat under the board just in case), and no inky stained fingers for Iris either, again, a wet wipe is all you need.
Poundland Chalk BoardWith all colours used and Madam happy with her work and a the board was turned over and self adhesive magnet discs evenly placed round the edges of the frame.Self adhesive magnets on chalkboardEt voila, it held to the side of my fridge freezer like a dream (see first picture)
Now I know that my idea worked, I shall be buying a few more chalkboards and looking for some similar framed whiteboards (as the chalk pens will also work on them too) to create a mini art display.  Boards can be displayed in all sorts of portrait/landscape combinations and when the chalk fades or a change is needed, they can all be wiped clean with minimum effort, ready to create a totally new series of pictures.