Friday, 26 October 2012

Happy Halloween –Trick or Treat

001This is all I have made this Halloween (sorry) and I only made 12!  The small plastic pumpkins came from Poundworld for a pack of 6, which I featured a few weeks ago.
Poundworld Mini Horror Pots All I have done is fill them with about eight Celebration chocolates, bought from Tesco when the large tins were only £4 each (I have another two put under the bed for Christmas …. if they last that long!)
Poundworld Halloween Pumpkins…. and the tags were made using a punch and some Halloween stickers from Accessorize left over from last year.
Poundworld Halloween.I’m sorry that I haven’t bought you more ideas this year, BUT if you scroll down the page and look on the right hand side you will come to LABELS and if you click on Halloween you will find 34 ideas from the last couple of years which I hope will give you a little inspiration.  A lot of the stuff I used is still available in Poundshops etc. and I think some branches of Accessorize have packs of small Halloween stickers.
So, will I be trick or treating this year? ….. Well, it’s half term …. and I have procured train tickets to London for just £7.50 each way …….. Once in London, I will be found curled up on the lovely Marc’s settee, watching hour after hour of Create and Craft, sharing an ample sufficiency of Maltesers and breaking my usual tea totalness by enjoying several vodka and cokes ….. (plus I can expect scrambled quails egg on toast for breakfast, so he tells me) and you can rest assured he will stoop at nothing in an effort to get my mojo back!!!! I am soooooooo excited ….. I am counting the hours!!