Thursday, 4 April 2013

Having A Shuffty Around And An Object Of Desire …..

Bored,  one lunch time, my mate Luci and I took the opportunity to go for a wander and visit the new luxury “Footballers” Show Home just up the drive from where we work, near the Wolves training ground …..
….. never have I seen so many en-suite facilities ….. or wet rooms, and concluded that when making decisions of a £730,000 commitment type nature it would have been very remiss of me not to try out one of the aforementioned wet rooms for its spaciousness, suitability of purpose, comfort and visibility!
066Oh … and to check out what a woman living in a house such as this would have hanging in her walk-in wardrobe ……. all pretty beige and short I am afraid …… OH MY LIFE!!!
078However, it is heartening to know, that amongst all the excess I do have the taste to become a “potential” Footballer’s Wife, because hanging in one of the guest rooms was exactly the same (Homebase) chandelier that I have in my newly fashioned boudoir!!!!!
082The house was very lovely, but all the marble floors, glass wet room panels and shiny surfaces just spelt out housework to me …. something I prefer to be a stranger too …..
086But my one “object of desire” was the light fitting coming down from the galleried landing ……. which I don’t think was from Homebase (but I could be wrong) …. it was stunning …… with the bonus that if/when I hypothetically got bored of it ….. I could easily cut it up and use the thousands of little glass droplets for something crafty instead!!!!!!!