Friday, 1 March 2013

Catch Up Time ….. After My “Inspiring” Time With Marc In London …..

Three days with Marc at half term and I feel like a new woman and my mind is a whirl with ideas ….. We talked constantly, and Marc has so many ideas that ignite my imagination …….Jewels aplenty - jewelled mirror….. and he is also so generous …. he showers me embarrassingly with beautiful things to craft with, like this humungous pile of jewels to finish my “boudoir mirrors” with.  I had been waiting for Primark to bring out their new jewellery as I needed a few key pieces to use as a foundation, but to be honest, so far, what they have had has been disappointing ……
Primark Bird Necklaces ….. except for these bird necklets costing £3 each, (bought from the Oxford Street store) made up of nine birds. You just couldn’t buy that many embellishments of that size for the price in any craft shop that I know. So spare time willing, hopefully it won’t be long until my mirrors are finally finished.
Leather briefcaseintage leather document case
Satchels are very much on trend at the moment but Marc told me that briefcase/document cases are also very popular too and then presented me with this one …… it’s gorgeous ….
Vintage leather document caseI need to find a shoulder strap for it and then need to think whether  I embellish it any further, we had watched a Create and Craft programme where they were painting a briefcase ….. I don’t know if I am that brave …. but I think small white daisies could look lovely.
Poundland BubblesWe also perused the Poundland website together for ideas,  which I then  followed it up by paying the Wolverhampton branch a visit …… buying several packs of these bubbles. We had looked at “wedding” bubbles, but they were a lot smaller and more expensive  …. but we both agreed that these are just screaming to be decorated once the labels are removed…… so watch this space for what I do for Tom and Laura’s wedding.
Poundland Clock Mothers Day GiftPoundland Clock Mother's Day Range
We also spotted these clocks amongst the Poundland Mother’s Day range, they measure approximately 12cm across the widest part and at the tallest point measure 12cms, but once again, with the embellishment is removed they also  shout out to be altered ……..
Sequined cushion coversMarc and Rick’s flair for putting things together has also managed to creep into and influence my own decor, especially when it comes to what I affectionately call “London Lounging” ……….
Gold Sequined cushion coversI did have very plain and boring cream cushions in my dining room before my trip to London, now look at it …. Come Dine With Me here I come!!  I looked everywhere for cushion covers like this at Christmas but the few I found were so expensive and not half as sequined, but I found these at nearby Penkridge Market for £1 each when I got home ….. oh Marc, what have you done to me!!!!!!!!
And as for the progress of my canvas ….
Floral Canvas in the makingI am still doing it in a very hodge podge way.  What I had done (so far) just didn’t look right until I took a thick black marker to outline the edges etc. with a beating heart, I knew that if I didn’t like it there would be no going back ……
Floral Canvas in the making acrylic paint and permanant marker……. but that’s all I am showing you for the moment….. there are many hours work still ahead ….. so once again it’s a case of watch this space!