Sunday, 10 October 2010

Finally Finished - My Tesco Advent Calendar House

Tesco Advent House 1
I’ve never done anything big like this before ….and I am so chuffed, once I had sorted out which papers to use it all sort of came together.
Tesco Advent House 1e Tesco Advent House 1c
I reckon in all I have spent about 30 hours on it.
Tesco Advent House 2
As you know I am very much a less is more crafter, but on this, it was more, more, more and then some more!
Tesco Advent House 1d Tesco Advent House 1b
I ought to run a competition to guess how many clear gems I’ve used.
Tesco Advent Calendar House 3a
I hope, when I snuff it, this is what my children fight and testify my will over!!!
Tesco Advent Calendar 2c
I can’t believe it, but I even lined the bottom of the drawers!
  Lining in Tesco Advent House Drawer
All I need to do now is find a tiny little “something” to put in each drawer!
Tesco Advent Calendar 2a Tesco Advent Calendar 2b
I think this has got to be my favourite make ever!