Thursday, 6 October 2011

Batty Halloween Jar Lantern

I am loving making jar lanterns …. our garden has been awash with candle light of late as I try everything I have made out amongst all the tree branches.
Halloween Bats Jar Lantern
All I have done is simply cover a small jar (large mint sauce I think) with orange tissue paper, it’s trickier and  more fragile to use and not a patch on Decopatch if you’ll pardon the pun!
 Batty Halloween Jar Lantern
The bats are die cuts I’ve had for years, they are rather thick and stand a little proud of the jar so I am not exactly sure how weather proof the jar will be if we have a rainy night, however I have given it extra coats of clear varnish just in case. Getting their wings to lie flat was a little tricky but I got there in the end.