Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Toast-ally Mad! - Post-It Note Holder

This is such a daft idea, it’s a small Post-It Note fridge magnet!
I can’t claim that it’s my idea, just my paper version of a something I saw while Googling.
I’ve printed off two pictures of a slice of toast,  the first one I have stuck onto a firm piece of card, the second I have layered on top with foam pads to give a bit of dimension.
I have then stuck on a small block of post it notes and a strip of self adhesive magnet on the back.

I am thinking that the Post It block could also be cheese ......... so I might have a go with a cracker tomorrow!!!!

Any other ideas welcome .....

Crackers Idea

I couldn’t resist having another fiddle fart about ……..Cheese N Cracker

What’s On My Desk Wednesday

Picture 057
I got this "what not" stand on Saturday from a second hand stall on Bridgnorth Market for £4, I couldn’t resist it.  I am going to paint it the same colour as my craft room (magnolia) and put even more of my treasures on it!!!
Picture 060
Also on my desk is this mini kilner jar. I got a box of 8 from the Range, for about £6.99. I think they are originally for spices but I want to do something “cute” with them …… it’s on my desk so that  I will keep looking at it and hopefully inspiration will eventually hit me!  I want to put a fairy in it … something like that …….
Desk Wednesday
The playing cards are on my desk as I have a Valentines idea brewing……. 
I have just filled my lovely pink pencil case with all my “posh” fountain pens.  I used to use them all the time a few years ago and then got out of the habit, so one of my New Year’s Resoloutions is to use them again as they make you writing look so good.
You may have spotted my reading glasses too.  I have so many pairs (because I am always putting them down) – 1.50 strength, usually from Primark or Poundshops, the fancier the better – these ones are zebra print!  I wear strong contact lenses but I am finding for close up work I need an extra boost.  The best ones I have ever had had “diamonds” on a leopard print frame, from Liverpool Docks.  I loved them so much, but the “diamonds” fell out quite quickly.  They were only about £2.99 and I am constantly on the look out for more!