Thursday, 1 December 2011

It’s Christmas ……And I'm Flashing Like A Good 'Un!

It’s Advent Calendars akimbo and I can finally use my new shopping bag from Tesco (£3)
Tesco flashing Shopping bag
Hmmmm pretty but nothing special you may say …….. but … wait for this.... 

How brilliant is that????!!!  You can see me coming a mile off!!  There are little lights in middle of eight of the snowflakes which flash alternately

Old Wooden Brick Box

decrated wooden box
I have made my mum a pile her favourite cards as a small Christmas present, but I wanted to put them in a nice box too … and then remembered this old brick box I had leftover from another project, it was just the right fit for the cards measuring 19cm x 14cm x 6.5cm deep.
andys nokia 097
I decided to cover it with some paper from Limetree Craft that I got at NEC the Hobby Craft Show last year, there were 10 sheets in a pack for £1.  I thought it was perfect for the box as it just looks like a woodcut pattern.
andys nokia 107
 Before I covered it, I went round all the edges with a Promaker pen as I had cut the paper just short of the sides. I did the top in the same way, mindful that after a couple of coats of varnish it needed to slide smoothly in and out of the box. I also lined the bottom of the box. And that’s all there was to it.  I loved seeing how the tones of the box changed under the varnish and I am so pleased with how classy it looks.
andys nokia 103
All I need is to do now is add the cards, a nice pen and a book of stamps and hope my mum likes it.