Friday, 10 December 2010

Hershey’s Kisses Mouse

Hershey's Kiss Mouse 1
I love Google images, it’s where I always go for inspiration or to double check an idea. Goodness knows what words I put into the search when I found this mouse!   Try Googling Hershey’s Kiss Mouse and see what you get.
It’s made by sticking two Hershey’s Kisses together. Hershey’s are an American brand of sweet but are not that easy to find here, but now and again Wolverhampton comes up trumps and occasionally you can find - “the hard to find
Hershey's Kiss Mouse 2
All I’ve used are two circles of pink card to make the ears and have just scribbled round the edges, googly eyes, a pink flat backed gem for a nose and some waxed string (because it doesn’t flop) with a bow for the tail.  I have used the tiniest amount of PVA glue to keep them all in place.
Hershey's Kiss Mouse 3
I’ve stuck it on a very small kraft box, I thought I would make a few and put cracker type mottos in them  with a tiny weeny gift, like a  pair of earrings or a pencil sharpener etc. and have them instead of crackers at one of our festive meals.