Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Off Line .... But Not For Long I Hope!

Because I am in the process of winding up Andy's business, I have had to cancel the office Internet account, which is where I do all my blogging. However, I am planning on moving the computer into my craftroom and having Internet access in there, but this will take a little time and sorting ..... To keep the blog going I have moved all my already prepared Christmas posts to cover August/September, hoping that I will be sorted during that time.
But I'll be honest with you, before I lost Andy I had planned to end ItsAllFiddleFart on 1st January 2013 anyway, as writing two blogs takes so much time .... so perhaps this is a spooky Derek Acorah way of telling me that in the coming months I will need to concentrate my time doing other things. 

Simple Flower Cards

Each of these cards measures
Button Flower Card embellishments from the Range
I have had these card embellishments from The Range for ages (99p per pack of 5) and as my quest to use all the stuff I have instead of adding more continues I was determined to finally use them…
Button Flower Embellishments
but …. the patterns were a blasted nightmare to match up … so in the end I decided that the only way to go was via the  less is more route …..
Cardstock flower embellishments with buttons
….. and simply just add a stem, punched leaves and a sentiment.  Done and dusted…..
Range cardboard flower embellishments
….. and another pile of stash disappears!!