Sunday, 18 March 2012

My Mums Mother’s Day Card

It’s become something of a tradition now that on “Special Days” I show you the card that my profoundly handicapped brother Stephen has “made” at his unit …..
2012 Mothers day card
This year he has gone for “the more the better, if it’s on the table, then use it” style of card making, with an extra large dollop of glitter for good measure!
Mothers day card 2012
When Stephen comes home on his bus and the coach guide hands my mum a large lumpy envelope it is always an exciting and slightly emotional occasion. We are under no illusions that Stephen has contributed much towards the card, but we know that he has sat beside his member of staff at the table and watched them putting it together for him. They have probably put a flower in his hand, guided it to where it should go and then helped him press it down, talking to him all the time, the thought of which brings a tear to your eye. His staff are so wonderful, their patience and caring holds no bounds ……. and we cannot thank them enough and I just don’t think they will ever know how much these cards mean to us.