Thursday, 8 December 2016

Two Mini Christmas Printers Trays

I only had two mini trays to use this year, originally packaging from wooden laser cut shapes, I wish you could buy them, if you could I would buy them in bulk as I love making this sort of thing.
Mini Christmas Printers Tray Decoration...I had to scrabble about a bit in my Christmas box to find enough little things to fit in the compartments and then put them  all together.
Christmas Mini Printers Tray DecorationI have two larger oblong boxes from The Works that contained small Christmas tree decorations which I plan to decorate when I have more time after Christmas. The slightly larger compartment size in these, I think, should give me a little more scope to create a more detailed picture in each.
mini christmas printers trayI just need to keep my eyes open for some more tiny bits and pieces to go in them.