Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Vintage Christmas Bauble Charity Shop Finds.

With all my festive charity shop mooching I saw this glass basket for a number of weeks priced at £3, a bit too much for me (cheapskate!) but when it was reduced to £1.50 it was a no brainer, perfect for my grapes!!!
I also picked up a few vintage, glass tree baubles for about £1, I think, in the Oxfam shop in Malvern.  They are so delicate and took me right back to my childhood Christmas's in the 60's!!
I just left them as they were in the basket for the holiday, but this year (Christmas 2020) I am hoping to find a few more to go with them and then either hopefully stumble upon a small bare branch Christmas/Easter tree ....... or cobble together a few twigs, paint them white and then hang said baubles on it as a centrepiece for my dining table.   We shall see ........
I also found me a really long, black wool and cashmere coat for just £10 in Worcester, it's wonderful and perfect for cold, wet the nursery/school runs!
The maker/designers label, for some reason had been cut out, but my sister-in-law, who only ever buys posh and very expensive, took one look at it and said now that's one very, very, very expensive coat!!