Sunday, 6 February 2011

What’s In My Shopping Bag Today

Tesco Chocolate Ladybirds
Woo hoooo,  Tesco chocolate ladybirds, there are 23 in a net for £1.00, with a best before date of December 2011 and they taste pretty good too!  I have stocked up, because although they are supposed to be for Valentine’s Day, I am thinking ahead to Mother’s Day and Easter.  As soon as Valentines is over Tesco won’t have anymore, so it’s a case of buy them when you see them.
Chocolate Love Tokens and heart Shaped Lollipop
From Home Bargains chocolate love tokens – 9 in a pack for 39p, with a best before date of 30.06.12.  I’m not too keen on the sentiments, but they can be covered up with a punched scalloped circle, the other side has an embossed heart and arrow which is OK.  The lolly was also 39p, which I thought would be OK as a stirrer in a Valentines Hug in A Mug (sachet hot chocolate, marshmallows, a couple of tokens and a lolly).

I Love You Tea Bag

This is my second attempt at another idea  I found on Martha Stewart’s website:-
Love You Tea Bag
My first attempt was just too small and looked rather feeble and non-descript.
I love You tea Bag 1Picture 984
I’ve used a large 2in scalloped heart punch and a smaller plain edged one, a tea bag with a string and a black gel pen.
Heart Punches
I’ve punched two hearts out and then stuck them back to back on the string, writing “I Love You” on both sides when the heart was dry. A romantic gesture for breakfast in bed  on Valentine’s morning.
Love You Teabag 1
I have a couple more ideas for other teabag tags, so watch this space…..