Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Docrafts Multiscoreboard Xtra – Xcut by Coppernob.

My friend Josie from Coppernob  has sent me one of her new scoreboards that have been added to docrafts’ Xcut range of products:-
X Cut Mulitiscoreboard Xtra
I have been using her original scoreboard almost every day for years and just couldn’t craft without it, so I was interested to see what her new board has to offer, especially as my old faithful is looking a bit crook! I wonder if I could put it in the dishwasher?
M & F Scoreboard
Where the original is very basic, Josie’s new board (which also comes with a scoring tool), will help you fold, score, measure, make boxes  and emboss. The integral rulers are a very welcome addition.
Wedge Box Xcut multiscore board Coppernob
  Xcut Muliticscore board docrafts
I’ve only ever used the original board  to score cards, I’ve never used it to make boxes.. I have to be honest,  the docraft instructions on the back of the packaging  are not brilliant, however after a bit of playing I have made a pretty passable wedge shaped box as well as a pillow box. 
multiscore board Xcut pillow boxPillow Box using Multiscoreboard
These are very plain as they are my first efforts, but it wouldn’t take five minutes to add a few final touches to them to make them look more professional.
For more detailed instructions, Josie’s hints and tips page on her website is absolutely brilliant:-
Why not have a look and find out more?