Saturday, 18 March 2017

Today …… A Goodness Only Knows What!!

I really don’t know what this is, I was playing around with the idea of making some small flower button wreaths to, perhaps, hang on some decorative Easter Branches
  button ring 1button ring 4
What I really needed was a dainty, flattish, child's size  bangle, not an walloping great adult size one, that was also too deep!
button ringHowever, it was a good exercise to see how the buttons would balance and stick on the narrow edge of a bangle, even though I was pretty confident that E6000 would do it. 
Button candle surroundCrafts with Buttons
Adding the clear, flat backed gems looks a bit clunky, so I don’t think they really work that well, perhaps smaller contrasting buttons?  But what to do with “the creation” once finished, having already decided that it was just to big and heavy to hang on a festive branch?
votive candle decoration…….. well, it does look rather cute round the bottom of my glass votive holder, so looks like I have really made a small centrepiece for my Easter lunch dining table, I wonder if I should make another one to match now?
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